Ninja OG701 vs OG751: Smoke Show Showdown – Woodfire vs Woodfire Pro

Welcome to another detailed comparison article by your trusted writer, Olivia. Today, we’re delving deep into the battle of the grills with our main focus being on the Ninja OG701 Vs OG751. It’s time to uncover which of these much-raved-about outdoor grilling appliances should earn a spot on your patio. These products are not only popular, but they have revolutionized outdoor cooking by incorporating cutting-edge technology with traditional BBQ methods. Both the Ninja OG701 and OG751, also known as the Ninja Woodfire and Woodfire Pro respectively, are favorites among BBQ enthusiasts, and for good reasons.

The Ninja OG701 and OG751 stand out due to their innovative use of Woodfire technology. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the authentic flavor of wood-fire grilling without the hassle of traditional methods. But, the question remains: What is the difference between Ninja OG701 and OG751, and which one will give you the most bang for your buck?

As we break down the nuances of each model, you will learn about their unique features, price points, and performance differences. We’ll help you make the best choice between these two models, whether you’re prioritizing the Ninja Woodfire grill price, looking for specific functionalities in the Ninja Woodfire grill pro, or simply wanting to understand the major differences between the OG701 and OG751 models. So, gear up for an enlightening session on everything you need to know about the Ninja OG701 Vs OG751 grills.

Ninja OG701 Vs OG751 Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grills: Key Differences

The main difference between the Ninja Woodfire OG701 and OG751 Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill & Smoker is the built-in thermometer. The Ninja OG751, also known as the Ninja Woodfire Pro, includes this addition, giving it an edge over the Ninja OG701 in terms of convenience and precision in cooking.

Built-In Thermometer:

This feature, present only in the Ninja OG751 (Woodfire Pro), is a game-changer. It allows you to monitor the cooking progress of your food and alerts you when it’s done. This means you can enjoy your cookout and entertain your guests without having to constantly check on your food. The thermometer ensures your food cooks to perfection every time, reducing the chances of undercooked or overcooked meals. This gives the OG751 an upper hand when comparing the Ninja OG701 Vs OG751.


When we compare the Ninja Woodfire grill price, the OG751 is slightly more expensive than the OG701. This is primarily due to the additional built-in thermometer feature. The OG701 is priced at $322.99, while the OG751 comes in at $399.99. Hence, if budget is a key concern for you, the Ninja OG701 may be the more suitable choice. However, the added convenience of the built-in thermometer in the OG751 might justify the extra cost for many users.

Cooking Capacity:

Although both models have the ability to cater to a crowd, the descriptions do not specify if there’s a difference in their cooking capacities. Both grills claim to be able to cook 6 steaks or 30 hot dogs, air fry up to 3 lbs of wings, or BBQ smoke a 9-lb whole brisket. For more specifics, it would be best to consult with the manufacturer or verified user reviews.


In terms of performance, both the Ninja OG701 and OG751 offer similar functionalities, powered by corded electric supply and flavored with exclusive Ninja Woodfire pellets. They both act as a 7-in-1 master grill, BBQ smoker, and air fryer with the ability to bake, roast, dehydrate, and broil. So, whether you opt for the Ninja OG701 or the OG751, you are investing in a versatile outdoor cooking appliance.

FeatureNinja OG701Ninja OG751
Model NameOG701OG751BRN
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Item Weight30.62 Pounds30.62 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH23.62 x 18.58 x 13.31 inches23.62 x 18.58 x 13.31 inches
Inner MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
 Fuel Type ElectricElectric
Master Grill, BBQ Smoker, & Air FryerAll in oneAll in one
Foolproof BBQ SmokerYesYes
Outdoor Air FryerYesYes
Woodfire TechnologyYesYes
Exclusive Ninja Woodfire PelletsYesYes
 Built-in Thermometer NoYes
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Ninja OG701 vs og751 Outdoor Grill

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Ninja OG701 Woodfire Outdoor Grill Review

As an ardent BBQ enthusiast and your trusted guide, Olivia, I’m excited to present a detailed review of the Ninja OG701 Woodfire Outdoor Grill. This grill has created quite a buzz in the grilling world, especially when compared with its sibling, the Ninja OG751. So, let’s dive into the details of the Ninja OG701 and see what makes it stand out.

The Ninja OG701 offers an exciting combination of a master grill, BBQ smoker, and an air fryer, all packed into one unit. This 7-in-1 device brings the conventional and modern cooking methods together in harmony. The fact that it allows you to bake, roast, dehydrate, and broil is a testament to its versatility. This makes it an all-round solution for any outdoor cooking adventure.

This model incorporates Ninja’s unique Woodfire technology, which is powered by electricity and flavored by burning wood pellets. This technology gives your food the authentic woodfire flavor you desire. When we consider the Ninja OG701 Vs OG751, both grills share this signature feature, but the OG701 comes at a more affordable Ninja Woodfire grill price.

The Ninja OG701 is foolproof and easy to use, even for beginners. With just half a cup of exclusive Ninja Woodfire pellets, you can create authentic BBQ bark and flavor. This feature not only makes grilling a breeze but also ensures that the OG701 holds its own when comparing the Ninja Woodfire Vs Woodfire Pro.

One of the major advantages of the Ninja OG701 is its apartment-friendly feature. Being electrically powered, it eliminates the need for charcoal or propane, and you won’t have to worry about flare-ups. So, whether you live in an apartment or simply want an easy-to-use outdoor grill, the Ninja OG701 fits the bill.

It’s not just about the convenience and ease of use; the Ninja OG701 also brings durability to the table. The grill is made of stainless steel, making it resistant to weather and perfect for outdoor use all year round. This is an aspect where there’s no significant difference between Ninja OG701 and OG751, as both are built to withstand weather conditions.

The Ninja OG701 has a significant cooking capacity. You can grill six steaks or thirty hot dogs, air fry up to three pounds of wings, or BBQ smoke a whole nine-pound brisket. If you love entertaining guests or have a large family, this grill has you covered.

In terms of accessories, the Ninja OG701 comes with a 141-Sq-In. nonstick grill grate, crisper basket, pellet scoop, and Ninja Woodfire pellets starter packs, offering two unique blends to enhance your cooking. The inclusion of a quick start guide with 15 recipes is a nice touch for those just starting their grilling journey.

In terms of downsides, the Ninja OG701 doesn’t have a built-in thermometer, a feature that’s present in the OG751 model. Also, the reliance on Ninja Woodfire pellets for flavor might limit some users who prefer other brands or types of wood chips. However, these cons are minor when compared to the overall functionality and convenience of this grill.

The Ninja OG701 offers a blend of performance, versatility, and affordability. Its innovative features make it a must-have for those who love to cook outdoors, whether you’re a grilling novice or a seasoned pro. The minor differences between the Ninja OG701 and OG751, such as the lack of a built-in thermometer, don’t overshadow the OG701’s impressive features and value for money.


  • Versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable


  • No built-in thermometer
  • Reliance on specific pellets

Ninja OG701 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker - Grill, BBQ, Air...
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Ninja OG701 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker - Grill, BBQ, Air...
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Ninja OG751 Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill Review

As your trusted grill aficionado, Olivia, I am thrilled to present an in-depth review of the Ninja OG751 Pro Woodfire Outdoor Grill. This grill has gained popularity among BBQ enthusiasts, particularly when compared to its counterpart, the Ninja OG701. Let’s explore the features and benefits that make the Ninja OG751 Pro a standout choice for outdoor grilling.

The Ninja OG751 Pro is a 7-in-1 master grill, BBQ smoker, air fryer, and more. This versatile grill offers the convenience of multiple cooking methods in one appliance. Whether you want to grill, smoke, air fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, or broil, the Ninja OG751 Pro has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the Ninja OG751 Pro is its built-in thermometer. This feature allows you to monitor the progress of your food, ensuring precise cooking and perfect results. When comparing the Ninja OG701 Vs OG751, the inclusion of a built-in thermometer gives the OG751 Pro an added advantage.

Similar to the Ninja OG701, the OG751 Pro utilizes Ninja’s Woodfire technology, which infuses your food with the rich, smoky flavor of real wood pellets. This technology ensures that you can achieve the authentic taste of woodfire cooking with any cooking function. When comparing Ninja Woodfire Vs Woodfire Pro, the OG751 Pro delivers professional-grade results.

The Ninja OG751 Pro is designed to be weather-resistant, allowing you to grill and store it outdoors year-round. Its durable construction and stainless steel materials ensure long-lasting performance. In terms of durability, there is no significant difference between the Ninja OG701 and OG751 Pro.

This grill is apartment-friendly, making it suitable for those living in apartments or condos. It operates on electricity, eliminating the need for charcoal, propane, or dealing with flare-ups. The OG751 Pro offers the convenience of outdoor grilling without the restrictions.

When it comes to cooking capacity, the Ninja OG751 Pro doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re grilling steaks, hot dogs, or smoking a whole brisket, this grill can handle it all. With its 141-sq-in. nonstick grill grate and ample space, you can cook for a crowd and impress your guests.

In terms of accessories, the Ninja OG751 Pro comes with a crisper basket, pellet scoop, and starter packs of Ninja Woodfire pellets in robust blend and all-purpose blend. These accessories enhance your cooking experience and allow you to explore various flavors and recipes.

On the downside, the Ninja OG751 Pro comes at a higher price point compared to the OG701 model. However, the additional features and enhanced capabilities of the OG751 Pro justify the price difference. It’s important to consider your budget and requirements when making a purchasing decision.

Overall, the Ninja OG751 Pro Woodfire Outdoor Grill is a top-tier option for grilling enthusiasts. Its versatility, built-in thermometer, weather-resistant design, and apartment-friendly features set it apart from its competitors. While it may come at a higher price, the OG751 Pro delivers professional results and a premium grilling experience.


  • Versatility
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Weather-resistant
  • Apartment-friendly


  • Higher price compared to OG701

Ninja Woodfire Pro 7-in-1 Grill & Smoker with Thermometer, Air Fryer,...
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Ninja Woodfire Pro 7-in-1 Grill & Smoker with Thermometer, Air Fryer,...
  • MASTER GRILL, BBQ SMOKER, & AIR FRYER: All In one with 100% authentic smoky flavors.
  • MASTER GRILL: Get all the performance of a full-size propane grill with the same char and...


In the battle of Ninja OG701 vs. OG751, it is clear that the Ninja OG751 Pro Woodfire Outdoor Grill emerges as the clear winner. While both grills offer exceptional features and performance, the OG751 Pro takes it to the next level with its added functionalities and enhanced capabilities.

The Ninja OG751 Pro stands out with its built-in thermometer, allowing for precise temperature control and ensuring perfectly cooked meals. This feature is absent in the OG701 model, giving the OG751 Pro a distinct advantage in terms of convenience and accuracy.

Furthermore, the Ninja OG751 Pro showcases the Woodfire Pro technology, providing a professional-grade grilling experience. With its ability to grill, smoke, air fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, and broil, the OG751 Pro offers unmatched versatility and culinary possibilities.

While the Ninja OG751 Pro may come at a slightly higher price compared to the OG701, the additional features and superior performance make it a worthwhile investment for serious grill enthusiasts. Its weather-resistant design, apartment-friendly operation, and ample cooking capacity further solidify its position as the ultimate choice.

In conclusion, the Ninja OG751 Pro Woodfire Outdoor Grill reigns supreme in the comparison between the OG701 and OG751 models. With its advanced features, enhanced capabilities, and professional-grade performance, the OG751 Pro outshines its counterpart, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a top-tier woodfire grill experience.

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