Discover the 7 Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo Featuring Air Fryer Technology: A 2024 Guide

Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo With Air Fryer

In today’s world of smart kitchens, having a wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer is becoming increasingly essential. These multifunctional appliances have ushered in a new era of culinary convenience, skillfully combining the capabilities of a microwave, a wall oven, and an air fryer. This comprehensive tool can bring a revolutionary transformation to your cooking routine, facilitating everything from quickly reheating leftovers to baking a perfect cake, or even preparing a healthier version of your favorite fried foods. However, the question often arises – how does one go about choosing the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer? In this blog post, we delve into this topic to help you make an informed decision.

What makes the wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer such a marvel is its space-saving design and versatile functionality. It presents you with the convenience of a microwave, allowing for efficient heating and defrosting, the capacity and performance of a wall oven for your baking and roasting needs, and the health benefits of an air fryer that uses hot air circulation for frying with minimal oil. This three-in-one design can free up your kitchen counter space while offering a range of cooking methods, making it a worthwhile investment for any home.

For those who love to cook or bake, the value of a good wall oven cannot be underestimated. It allows you to prepare multiple dishes at once and provides more uniform heat distribution, which is ideal for baking. Also, being installed in the wall at your eye level, it eliminates the need to bend over, offering an ergonomic solution for cooking. This attribute, combined with the quick-heating convenience of a microwave and the healthier frying option of an air fryer, results in an unbeatable kitchen ally.

ColorStainless SteelSilverStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelSilverStainless Steel
Heating MethodConvectionRadiantCombination of microwave and convection heating Traditional heating elements and convection heatingConvectionConvection‎Convection
Finish TypeStainless Steel‎Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Fuel TypeElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricNatural GasElectric
Item Weight (pounds)79.82367417212571.7205
Product Dimensions (inches)40 x 38 x 3829.9 x 23.5 x 51.29 x 15 x 826.87 x 26.75 x 42.3732 x 32 x 3123.4 x 23.4 x 21.927 x 29.75 x 43.38
Installation TypeFreestanding, Wall MountBuilt-InBuilt-InAbove Warming DrawerFreestanding, Wall MountBuilt-InAbove Warming Drawer
Special FeaturesDouble Wall, Self-cleaningSmart Self-Cleaning Mode, Timer, Shabbat Mode, Interior Light, Air Frying ModeDefrostDefrost, Self-clean, Self-cleaningDouble Wall, Self Clean, Self-cleaning, Touch‎RotisserieTurntable
Oven Cooking ModeConvectionRadiantConvectionMicrowave/TraditionalConvectionConvectionConvection
Wattage (watts)9,7008500100010009,70032001000
Batteries RequiredNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

However, navigating the sea of options available in the market can be challenging. From various capacities and wattages to different brands and special features, the number of factors to consider when choosing your perfect kitchen companion can be overwhelming. But worry not! This is where we come in. Our goal is to help you sift through the myriad of choices, highlighting top products, essential features to consider, and valuable insights to ensure you make the best purchase decision.

Being well-informed about the two major components of this combo – the wall oven and the microwave – is crucial to understand what to look for in a perfect blend of both. A wall oven offers substantial space and even heating ideal for baking, broiling, or roasting. On the other hand, a microwave focuses on speed and convenience, perfect for quick reheating or defrosting. To further enrich this combination, the addition of an air fryer brings in the possibility of enjoying fried foods with a healthier twist, using hot air instead of oil.

In the forthcoming sections, we will be diving deeper into this subject, exploring the intricacies of each appliance, their various functionalities, and how they combine to form the ultimate kitchen tool. We’ll guide you through the nuances of choosing the right model, considering the different features, the performance, the design, and most importantly, how well they fit into your cooking lifestyle. Stay tuned as we embark on this culinary journey to find the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer for your kitchen.

Expert Analysis: A Comprehensive Review & Buyer’s Guide to Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo with Air Fryers

Choosing the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer for your kitchen requires careful consideration of several factors. Our comprehensive review and buying guide aims to simplify this process for you. We’ve done the hard work by researching and testing numerous models to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Our guide takes into account factors such as capacity, wattage, special features, safety measures, installation type, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re an enthusiastic home cook or a professional chef, our goal is to help you find a product that combines functionality with style, delivers outstanding performance, and aligns with your cooking needs and preferences.

1. Frigidaire FGET3069UF 30″ Double Electric Wall Oven with Air Fry

The Frigidaire FGET3069UF 30″ Double Electric Wall Oven is a masterpiece in kitchen appliances. Its aesthetic appeal, with its stainless steel finish, and functionality combine to offer an unprecedented cooking experience.

Dressed entirely in stainless steel, the FGET3069UF sports a robust build quality that enhances its longevity. The attractive finish adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor, while also providing an easy-to-clean surface. This is a practical consideration for any bustling kitchen. Weighing in at 79.8 pounds, and with package dimensions of 40 x 38 x 38 inches, this electric wall oven is spaciously designed to handle large cooking tasks with ease.

A standout feature of the Frigidaire FGET3069UF is the double wall construction. This design allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different temperatures, optimizing your cooking time and ensuring you’re always ready to serve up a feast. Additionally, the sizable 10.2 cu. ft. capacity means you can effortlessly accommodate large items and sizeable quantities of food.

Further enhancing its user-friendly nature, the oven is equipped with a self-cleaning function. This makes maintenance a breeze, eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners and the strenuous manual labor of scrubbing.

This electric oven showcases Frigidaire’s convection heating method, ensuring even heat distribution for perfectly cooked meals. The air fry feature is another notable addition, providing a healthier alternative to traditional frying. Enjoy crispy, delicious meals without the guilt!

The Frigidaire FGET3069UF can be installed as either a freestanding unit or a wall mount, adding to its versatility. It does not require batteries, alleviating concerns over unexpected power outages during cooking.


  • Large 10.2 cu. ft. capacity.
  • Double oven design for cooking flexibility.
  • Convection heating for even cooking.
  • Air fry feature for healthier food.
  • Self-cleaning function for easy maintenance.
  • Versatile installation options (freestanding or wall mount).
  • Durable and elegant stainless steel finish.


  • Weight and size could require professional installation.
  • No battery backup for power outages.

2. KoolMore KM-WO30D-SS Electric Premium Double Wall Oven with Air Fryer Feature

KoolMore’s KM-WO30D-SS 30-Inch Electric Double Wall Oven is a premium kitchen appliance that brings a touch of sophistication and efficiency to every culinary adventure. This double wall oven, packed with innovative features, promises to redefine the home cooking experience.

The KoolMore KM-WO30D-SS Double Wall Oven is not just an oven, but two high-performance ovens in one sleek unit. Each with a capacity of 5 cubic feet, these large capacity ovens facilitate cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, boosting kitchen productivity. You can now host holiday gatherings or dinner parties with friends and family without worrying about juggling cooking times.

One of the key features that sets this wall oven apart is its expanded cooking functions. Precision is paramount in this oven, offering seven distinct cooking modes, including baking, broiling, warming, proofing, and convection baking, broiling, or roasting. These features allow for superior accuracy in all cooking operations, contributing to consistently delicious results.

The rapid convection cooking process is a testament to KoolMore’s commitment to performance. The oven utilizes a fan-assisted heat distribution system, ensuring food is cooked evenly from all sides. This feature is a game-changer for anyone looking for speed without sacrificing taste or quality.

From a design perspective, the KM-WO30D-SS truly shines. Its modern stainless-steel design seamlessly integrates into different kitchen layouts, adding a touch of elegance to traditional, modern, or farmhouse kitchens alike. Its silver color radiates a timeless appeal that will not fade with changing interior design trends.

Moreover, the oven features a smart self-cleaning mode, which saves you from the chore of manually cleaning the oven, a Shabbat mode for Jewish Sabbath-keeping, and an air frying mode for healthier food alternatives. The radiant oven cooking mode, powered by a robust 8500 watts electric system, ensures efficient heating, while the interior light improves visibility, making it easy to monitor your cooking progress.

To top it all off, this double wall oven comes from the trusted brand KoolMore, known for their high-quality kitchen appliances. Despite its advanced features and high-quality build, the KM-WO30D-SS is surprisingly lightweight at 236 pounds, facilitating easy installation.


  • Double oven for enhanced cooking efficiency
  • Multiple cooking modes for versatility
  • Rapid convection cooking for evenly cooked food
  • Seamless stainless-steel design
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Large cooking capacity
  • High power for quick cooking
  • Reliable brand


  • Heavy, may need professional installation
  • High energy consumption due to wattage
KoolMore KM-WO30D-SS 30-Inch Electric 5 Cu.Ft. Premium Double Wall...
28 Reviews
KoolMore KM-WO30D-SS 30-Inch Electric 5 Cu.Ft. Premium Double Wall...
  • Premium Double Wall Oven – The only thing better than a single oven is two! This wall...
  • Expanded Cooking Functions – Precision is important when making food which is why our...

3. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven Review

Standing at the forefront of innovative kitchen appliances, Sharp brings to us the SMD2470AS, a microwave drawer oven that redefines the concept of modern cooking. This state-of-the-art microwave drawer oven boasts a streamlined stainless steel design, seamlessly blending in with contemporary kitchen aesthetics. Though it might not incorporate an air fryer feature, it holds its own in the race for the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer, thanks to its unique construction and impressive performance. We’ve put Sharp vs Toshiba Microwave head to head in our latest post.

The core strength of the Sharp SMD2470AS lies in its outstanding capacity. With 1.2 cubic feet of interior space, it is designed to accommodate a 9″ x 13″ dish effortlessly, setting the bar high in the kitchen appliance market. The generous space, coupled with its robust stainless steel build, makes it an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their cooking experience.

Performance is another area where the Sharp SMD2470AS shines brightly. The appliance comes with a powerful wattage of 1000.0, ensuring that your food is heated quickly and uniformly. Whether you are defrosting frozen items, heating leftovers, or preparing a full course meal, this microwave drawer oven won’t let you down. It’s a perfect example of how power and performance can be harmonized in a kitchen appliance, bringing you a step closer to finding the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer.

User-friendliness is a key factor to consider when choosing a kitchen appliance, and the Sharp SMD2470AS delivers remarkably well on this front. It features an Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System, which smoothly opens and enables a hands-free close, adding an extra level of convenience to your busy kitchen activities. Furthermore, its concealed control panel opens to an easy-to-read and operate 45° angle, demonstrating Sharp’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience.

One of the most striking features of the Sharp SMD2470AS is its ingenious placement. Its built-in design is perfect for a seamless kitchen layout, as it saves valuable counter space and enhances ease of cooking. Additionally, the microwave drawer setup means you won’t have to reach upwards or bend down to get your food, bringing ergonomic design to your cooking routine. With its exceptional combination of design, capacity, and performance, the Sharp SMD2470AS stands out as a top contender in the quest for the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer.


  • High Capacity
  • Powerful Wattage
  • User-Friendly Features


  • High-End Pricing
Sharp SMD2470ASY 24-Inch 1.2 cu. Ft. 950 W Stainless Steel Microwave...
911 Reviews
Sharp SMD2470ASY 24-Inch 1.2 cu. Ft. 950 W Stainless Steel Microwave...
  • Your purchase includes One Sharp 24 in. 1.2 cu. ft. 950W Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer,...
  • Microwave dimensions: 23 7/8" x 15 7/8" x 23 1/64". Cut/out dimensions: 22 1/8" x 15 9/16"...

4. GE JK3800SHSS Combination Wall Oven Review

The GE JK3800SHSS Combination Wall Oven, an embodiment of exceptional design and superior performance, brings a breath of fresh air to the contemporary kitchen. While it does not boast an air fryer, it solidifies its position in the pursuit of the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer by offering a seamless integration of a wall oven and a microwave. The brilliance of this appliance is in its synergy – a beautiful amalgamation of diverse functionalities in a single, space-efficient unit. See how GE vs Toshiba Microwave different from each other in our comparative analysis here.

Equipped with stainless steel material, the GE JK3800SHSS is not just a delight to look at, but a powerhouse of durability. It showcases an unyielding commitment to quality that the brand General Electric is known for. The stainless steel construction not only ensures longevity but also lends a sleek, sophisticated look, enhancing the overall appeal of your kitchen space.

Delving deeper into the features, the GE JK3800SHSS exhibits an impressive set of controls. It has glass touch controls that allow you to set temperatures quickly and clean with little effort. The appliance also sports a delay start feature, providing the convenience of programming the oven to start at a predetermined time. This combination of advanced controls and convenient features is a significant aspect of what makes this product a strong contender for the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer title.

Safety is another facet where the GE JK3800SHSS truly excels. It includes a control lock capability that prevents unintended use, thereby improving safety in your kitchen. This feature is a testament to GE’s unwavering dedication to ensuring their appliances are not just high-performing, but also safe for everyday use.

The GE JK3800SHSS is an epitome of powerful performance coupled with intelligent features. While the quest for the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer is challenging, this unit stands out for its brilliant fusion of a wall oven and microwave, providing a versatile platform for all your cooking needs. Whether you’re whipping up a quick meal, heating up leftovers, or baking a gourmet dish, the GE JK3800SHSS is an appliance that makes your culinary experience smoother and more enjoyable.


  • Durable Material
  • Advanced Controls
  • Safety Features


  • No Air Fryer
  • Expensive Model
GE JK3800SHSS Combination Wall Oven
68 Reviews
GE JK3800SHSS Combination Wall Oven
  • Glass Touch Controls enable you to set temperatures quickly and clean with little effort
  • Delay start feature allows you to program the oven to start at a predetermined time

5. Frigidaire FGEW3066UF Gallery Series Wall Oven Review

Embarking on the quest for the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer, one cannot overlook the Frigidaire FGEW3066UF. It may not feature an air fryer, but it more than compensates with its advanced convection oven capabilities. A product from Frigidaire’s prestigious Gallery Series, this single wall oven represents a pinnacle of cooking technology, effectively merging traditional oven functionality with the convenience of modern features.

First and foremost, the FGEW3066UF exudes elegance with its stainless steel finish, ensuring that it not only elevates your cooking experience but also enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. The beauty of stainless steel goes beyond aesthetics, though, as it also ensures superior durability and easy cleaning, hallmarking this appliance as a remarkable blend of form and function.

The FGEW3066UF distinguishes itself in the market with its remarkable convection oven cooking mode. This feature ensures faster and more even baking, roasting, and broiling by circulating hot air throughout the oven. The addition of convection cooking is a significant advantage in the search for the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer, ensuring versatile and efficient cooking.

One notable attribute of the FGEW3066UF is its spacious interior. With a 5.1 cubic ft. total capacity, this wall oven can accommodate large cooking pans and multiple dishes at once, proving its worth for big family meals and festive gatherings. It’s a key player in the pursuit of the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer, given its sheer capacity to cater to varied cooking needs.

The Frigidaire FGEW3066UF Gallery Series Wall Oven combines the very best of sophisticated design, convection cooking, and spacious capacity to make a strong impression in today’s modern kitchen. While the search for the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer continues, this oven undoubtedly makes its mark in the market with its advanced features and elegant design.


  • Convection Cooking
  • Large Capacity
  • Stylish Design


  • Expensive

6. 24 Inch Single Wall Oven 9 Cooking Functions in Stainless Steel by Thermomate Review

As the search for the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer intensifies, the Thermomate 24 Inch Single Wall Oven emerges as a contender worth considering. Though it doesn’t include a microwave or an air fryer, it dazzles with its array of innovative features and impressive functionality, offering an exceptional cooking experience.

The Thermomate 24 Inch Single Wall Oven is designed with precision and elegance in mind. It’s silver stainless steel finish exudes a high-end aesthetic that complements any modern kitchen décor. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the oven’s stainless steel body ensures durability, promising years of reliable service.

This oven truly stands out with its unique set of nine working modes. By accurately monitoring the internal temperature via a sensor probe, it offers optimum cooking conditions for a variety of dishes. While it may not feature an air fryer, the versatility of these modes makes this oven a worthy choice in the search for the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer.

Another notable feature of the Thermomate 24 Inch Single Wall Oven is its three-layer tempered glass door. This design ensures effective heat locking for efficient oven operation and safety from high-temperature steam. Moreover, the large oven window offers a clear, bright view into the oven’s interior, allowing easy monitoring of the cooking process.

Thermomate 24 Inch Single Wall Oven is an embodiment of efficient, versatile cooking and sleek design. It may not provide the combined functionality of a wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer, but it leaves a strong imprint in the domain with its unique set of features and stylish appearance.


  • Nine Working Modes
  • 3-Layer Glass Door
  • Elegant Design


  • Heavy
24 Inch Single Wall Oven, thermomate 2.3Cu.ft. Total Capacity Electric...
107 Reviews
24 Inch Single Wall Oven, thermomate 2.3Cu.ft. Total Capacity Electric...
  • 9 WORKING MODES - The sensor probe in the oven precisely monitors the internal...
  • 3-LAYER TEMPERED GLASS DOOR - The oven door is made of an upgraded visible 3-layer hollow...

7. GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven Review

Designed with contemporary home cooking in mind, the GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven takes center stage in this overview. As we search for the best wall oven microwave combo with air fryer, the superior features and sophisticated design of this model make it an excellent contender.

The GE PT7800SHSS stands apart in its class, boasting a remarkable 1000 watt power output. This powerhouse delivers rapid and efficient cooking performance, significantly reducing meal preparation time. Its high wattage doesn’t compromise the quality of your meals, ensuring your dishes are evenly cooked and delicious every time.

One of the standout features of this microwave wall oven is its special turntable feature. This element enhances the oven’s efficiency by ensuring heat is distributed evenly throughout the cooking process. It’s a vital asset for those who value precision in their culinary ventures. Whether you’re baking a delicate pastry or reheating a hearty stew, the turntable ensures your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Keeping user convenience in mind, this model features a built-in installation type. This design optimizes kitchen space and brings a sleek and modern aesthetic to your interior. It merges seamlessly with your existing kitchen decor and appliances, providing a cohesive and polished look.

The GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven takes safety and functionality to the next level. Its control lock capability prevents unintended use, adding an extra layer of safety for households with curious little ones. Furthermore, the stainless steel exterior not only exudes a stylish, modern appearance, but also ensures durability and easy maintenance.

The product doesn’t just boast of premium features but demonstrates a clear understanding of the modern user’s needs, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen. This model aligns functionality with aesthetics, ensuring an efficient and pleasurable cooking experience.


  • High wattage
  • Turntable feature
  • Safety measures


  • Requires installation
GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven
46 Reviews
GE PT7800SHSS Microwave Wall Oven
  • Glass touch electronic controls for easier operation
  • Hidden element helps distribute heat evenly throughout the oven cavity


Best Wall Oven Microwave Combos with Air Fryer

Features to Consider When Choosing the Wall Oven Microwave Combo

Selecting the perfect appliance for your kitchen involves a careful evaluation of its features. This ensures the product aligns with your cooking needs and lifestyle. Below are the top ten features to consider when choosing the best wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer.

Versatility of Cooking Modes

Having multiple cooking modes offers a more flexible and varied cooking experience. These modes can range from roasting, baking, grilling to air frying and defrosting.


The capacity of the oven should be large enough to accommodate your cooking needs. Whether you’re making a family-sized roast or a quick snack, a larger capacity offers more flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen.

Built-In Design

A built-in design offers a seamless integration into your kitchen cabinetry, saving valuable counter space. Ensure the appliance fits well into your kitchen layout and décor.

Control Features

Easy-to-use controls like touch panels or knob controls contribute to a seamless cooking experience. Features like programming or delay start add convenience and enable multitasking.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient model consumes less power without compromising performance, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Safety Features

Safety features such as a child lock, auto shut-off, and heat-proof exteriors can prevent accidental burns and unintended operation.


The durability of the oven, often indicated by its build material, ensures a long lifespan. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its resistance to rust and staining.

Easy Cleaning

An oven with easy-to-clean features like removable trays or a self-cleaning mode saves time and effort in maintenance.

Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is crucial for perfect cooking results. Look for a model with a broad temperature range and accurate sensors.


Finally, a good warranty period gives you peace of mind about your purchase, providing coverage for parts and labor if something goes wrong.


Why should I consider a wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer?

A wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer provides versatility and convenience in the kitchen. It allows you to bake, roast, heat, defrost, and fry food with a single appliance, saving both counter and storage space. Air fryer function offers a healthier cooking method as it uses less oil compared to traditional frying.

How does the air fryer feature work in these combos?

The air fryer function works by circulating hot air around the food at high speeds. This rapid air circulation technology cooks food evenly and gives it a crispy texture with little to no oil.

Can I install a wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer myself?

While it’s possible to install these appliances yourself, it’s generally recommended to have them professionally installed. These are complex appliances that require careful handling and correct installation to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Do these combos offer the same cooking quality as separate appliances?

Yes, these combos are designed to offer the same high-quality cooking results as standalone ovens, microwaves, and air fryers. They typically come with separate controls for each function to ensure optimal cooking conditions for different types of food.

What should I look for when buying a wall oven microwave combo with an air fryer?

Some important factors to consider include the appliance’s capacity, wattage, special features, safety measures, and installation type. You should also consider the appliance’s aesthetic appeal and how well it matches your kitchen decor. Read user reviews and check the product’s warranty to ensure you’re making a good investment.


In conclusion, the Frigidaire FGET3069UF 30″ Double Electric Wall Oven with Air Fry is a splendid addition to any modern kitchen. It combines style, efficiency, and convenience in one package, making it a truly remarkable investment for cooking enthusiasts. This oven from Frigidaire, a trusted name in kitchen appliances, reflects an excellent understanding of user needs and a commitment to quality. With its superb features and build, it promises a delightful and hassle-free cooking experience.

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