9 Best Undercounter Ice Makers with Drain Pumps 2024: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

If you’re in the market for an undercounter ice maker with a drain pump, you’ve landed on the right page! From cooling your drinks to chilling your desserts, these appliances are a must-have for every kitchen. In this guide, we will unveil the top 10 best undercounter ice makers that include a drain pump, presenting a comprehensive review to help you make the perfect choice for your home or commercial establishment. These reviews are based on the models’ performance, ease of use, capacity, and overall value.

Our selection ranges from the compact and robust EdgeStar IB250SS to the versatile and highly productive MARVOWARE 80lbs/24H model. We’ve covered every major aspect that you should consider before buying the best undercounter ice maker with a drain pump, including product dimensions, capacity, voltage, and other technical details. Whether you need an ice maker for your busy kitchen, restaurant, bar, or for entertaining guests at home, this guide is your one-stop-shop to find the perfect appliance.

Best undercounter ice maker with drain pump

Unlock the Best Undercounter Ice Makers with Drain Pumps: Keep the Ice Flowing Effortlessly

Choosing the right undercounter ice maker can be daunting due to the numerous options available in the market. However, by understanding your needs and preferences, you can easily find a model that fits your requirements. Consider factors such as the ice-making capacity, ease of installation, quality of ice, and additional features like a built-in pump for easy drainage. For instance, the EdgeStar models are known for their compact design and high production rate, while the Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD model offers an impressive 100lbs capacity. If you prefer a machine with a modern design and high energy efficiency, the DUURA DI50P might be a perfect choice. On the other hand, the MARVOWARE model offers convenient features like a reversible door and a self-cleaning function. Read on as we delve into the specifics of each of these top-tier undercounter ice makers with drain pumps.

Discover the 10 Ice Makers with Drain Pumps Top!

1. Overview of the EdgeStar IB250SS Undercounter Ice Maker

Unveiling the power of convenience and efficiency, the EdgeStar IB250SS stands tall among the best undercounter ice makers with a built-in drain pump. This remarkable machine is carefully designed to meet your daily ice production needs without requiring frequent drainage, thanks to its unique ‘no drain required’ feature. Showcasing a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and robust performance, the EdgeStar IB250SS features a striking stainless steel finish that not only complements modern kitchen decors but also ensures a durable build quality that lasts for years.

Renowned for its space-efficient design, the IB250SS measures 20.06″D x 14.88″W x 33.31″H, making it an ideal choice for those who need to conserve their kitchen space without compromising ice production capability. This model can effortlessly produce 25 pounds of ice per day and has a holding capacity of 20 pounds, ensuring that you never run out of ice even during high-demand periods. The machine operates at a voltage of 115 Volts and comes with convenient undercounter installation, making it a go-to choice for those seeking an ice maker that balances performance, design, and utility.

But what truly sets the EdgeStar IB250SS apart is its consideration of users’ convenience. The machine comes with several components including an ice scoop, a water line, and a removable ice bin, designed to make your ice-making process as smooth as possible. Moreover, the 68-pound weight adds a certain sturdiness to the model while maintaining a level of portability that aids in installation and moving. Whether you’re planning a small get-together at home or running a busy commercial kitchen, the EdgeStar IB250SS has got you covered with its superior ice production capability and efficient performance.


  • Compact and efficient design
  • High daily ice production of 25 pounds
  • Comes with a ‘no drain required’ feature
  • Stainless steel finish adds durability and style
  • Includes additional components for convenience


  • Smaller ice holding capacity of 20 pounds
  • May be heavier for some to install due to its 68-pound weight
EdgeStar IB250SS 15 Inch Wide 20 Lb. Built-in Ice Maker with 25 Lbs....
545 Reviews
EdgeStar IB250SS 15 Inch Wide 20 Lb. Built-in Ice Maker with 25 Lbs....
  • 25 lbs. daily ice production; 20 lbs. ice storage capacity; Crescent-shaped ice provides...
  • This unit also operates as a freezer and will keep your ice frozen; No drain line required

2. An In-Depth Look at the Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

The Scotsman CU50PA-1A is an exceptional undercounter ice maker, thoughtfully designed to cater to your need for gourmet ice cubes, either for an at-home event or commercial use. This air-cooled machine comes with a pump drain and a cord, operating at a power supply of 115V/60/1-ph and an amperage of 14.4 Amp. Notably, it requires a 15 Amp circuit, ensuring its high efficiency and making it a powerhouse in ice production. The Scotsman CU50PA-1A is truly a model that combines power, reliability, and convenience in one sleek package.

This compact machine has product dimensions of 34.38″D x 14.88″W x 22″H, offering a substantial ice production capacity of 26 pounds. Despite its high production capability, it is designed with a small footprint, allowing it to fit seamlessly under the counter. This ice maker also stands out due to its robust 600 watts power capacity, ensuring reliable and consistent ice production, regardless of how frequent or large your demand for ice may be.

With the Scotsman CU50PA-1A, the manufacturer Abco Refrigeration has incorporated attention to detail and usability that users have come to expect. First available in June 2010, this model has consistently delivered exceptional performance over the years, making it a worthwhile investment. The emphasis on quality and durability is clear, from the high-end materials used in the construction to the reliable performance that allows it to stand up to frequent use. Overall, the Scotsman CU50PA-1A is an impressive ice maker that checks all the boxes for commercial and personal use.


  • High ice production capacity of 26 pounds
  • Compact size for easy undercounter installation
  • Robust power capacity of 600 watts
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Comes with a pump drain and cord for convenience


  • Requires a 15 Amp circuit for operation
  • Slightly heavier than similar models
Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker, Gourmet Cube, Air Cooled,...
330 Reviews
Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker, Gourmet Cube, Air Cooled,...
  • Designed for commercial applications
  • Control panel informs about water condition

3. Exploring the EdgeStar 50 lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker with Drain Pump

Transform your home or commercial bar with the EdgeStar 50 lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker. This unit showcases the epitome of elegance and high performance, offering an astounding daily ice production capacity of 50 pounds. With its excellent efficiency and power rating of 115 volts, this ice maker from EdgeStar is ready to meet the demands of any party or social gathering. Its operation utilizes the refrigerant R134a, widely recognized for its environmental-friendly properties, adding another layer of value to its overall appeal.

Delving into its specifications, the EdgeStar IB450SSP is remarkably compact and lightweight. With product dimensions of 23.6″D x 14.6″W x 32.8″H and a weight of just one pound, it can easily fit into any space while leaving a minimal footprint. This ice maker’s design features stainless steel material, a universal favorite for its durability, aesthetics, and easy maintenance. The undercounter installation method enables it to be seamlessly integrated into your existing layout, ensuring a clutter-free environment while offering quick access to ice whenever required.

Being on the market since its discontinuation has not in any way diminished the EdgeStar 50 lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker’s performance or desirability. The model continues to stand out with its clear ice production, an aspect that’s not just visually appealing but also beneficial for drinks as it melts more slowly and doesn’t dilute beverages. When it comes to satisfying both commercial and residential ice needs, the EdgeStar IB450SSP is undeniably a top-tier choice.


  • High ice production capacity of 50 pounds
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Clear ice production for better beverage experience


  • Requires professional installation
  • Does not come with any additional accessories

4. A Closer Look at EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker with Drain Pump

Step into a world of enhanced convenience and luxury with the EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker. This high-capacity ice machine promises nothing less than excellent performance and versatility. The EdgeStar model, specifically designed to fit into a 15-inch-wide space under your counter, manages to combine performance, aesthetic appeal, and convenience in one sleek package. The powerful unit churns out a whopping 50 pounds of restaurant-quality clear ice daily, catering efficiently to your frequent entertaining needs.

The EdgeStar IB450SSP is designed with top-notch specifications, including product dimensions of 23.4″D x 14.6″W x 32.6″H and a power rating of 115 volts. Its built-in or freestanding capabilities make it an incredibly flexible appliance to have in your kitchen or bar. With front-facing vents, it can be seamlessly installed into your cabinetry or stand alone, depending on your space and aesthetic requirements. To further enhance convenience, the unit features an easy-to-use computerized control system and adjustable leveling legs for seamless installation in any space.

This ice maker is not just about power and performance; it brings along thoughtful features that enhance user convenience. The package includes a removable ice bin, an internal drain pump, and an ice scoop. The unit is also equipped with a reversible door, offering flexibility in installation and access based on your preferences. All these features culminate in an ice maker that doesn’t just meet the eye but also exceeds expectations in performance and convenience.


  • High-capacity ice production of 50 pounds daily
  • Versatile built-in or freestanding installation options
  • Comes with a removable ice bin, internal drain pump, and an ice scoop
  • Features a reversible door for flexible installation
  • Offers restaurant-quality clear ice


  • Requires professional installation
  • Is not a freezer, ice may melt if not used quickly
EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker...
99 Reviews
EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker...
  • PLEASE NOTE: Ice is produced in sheets (NOT individual cubes) - 25 lbs of ice storage...
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel door; Removable ice bin; Computerized controls;...

5. Unveiling the EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker – Stainless Steel

Discover the exceptional quality and remarkable efficiency of the EdgeStar IB450SS, a 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker cloaked in an attractive stainless steel exterior. This impressive machine is the epitome of cutting-edge technology and sleek design, dedicated to the production of pristine, clear ice for your entertainment and culinary needs. With a 50-pound daily ice production capacity, the EdgeStar IB450SS effortlessly provides for large gatherings, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen or home bar.

Standing tall with its dimensions of 23.4″D x 14.6″W x 32.6″H and a powerful voltage rating of 115 volts, the EdgeStar IB450SS is no ordinary undercounter ice maker. Its stainless-steel finish promises durability and long-lasting beauty. The machine provides for diverse installation methods – freestanding, undercounter, or built-in, accommodating a variety of kitchen layouts and designs. With this adaptability, the ice maker beautifully integrates into your existing decor while simultaneously saving precious space.

One of the distinctive features of this appliance is the large storage capacity that can hold up to 25 lbs. of ready-to-use ice. This guarantees a steady and ample supply of fresh ice for your cocktails, soft drinks, and culinary creations. Despite its high performance, the machine operates without batteries, reducing the need for regular maintenance and replacement. Indeed, the EdgeStar IB450SS is a stylish, high-performing, and convenient addition to any home or commercial establishment.


  • Significant ice production capacity of 50 pounds daily
  • Flexible installation options: freestanding, undercounter, or built-in
  • Durable and attractive stainless steel finish
  • Large storage capacity of 25 lbs.


  • Professional installation may be necessary
  • Does not include batteries
EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker -...
91 Reviews
EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker -...
  • 25 lbs of ice storage (While it is well insulated, this ice maker is not a freezer); Up to...
  • PLEASE NOTE: The drain line included with this maker is gravity-only. ALSO NOTE: A...

6. Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ-AD: A Premier Stainless Steel Built-In Undercounter Ice Maker

A rare gem in the world of undercounter ice makers is the Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD. This sophisticated stainless steel built-in undercounter ice maker effortlessly blends in with your kitchen decor while delivering top-notch functionality. Designed for those who seek to enjoy chilled beverages without interruption, this ice maker is more than just a utility; it’s a statement of class and convenience. Sporting a capacity of a whopping 100 pounds, the Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD is an absolute powerhouse, ready to serve ice for your grand parties or commercial requirements.

The Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD offers a sense of durability that is inherent in its stainless steel body. It is a built-in undercounter unit, allowing it to merge seamlessly with your kitchen or bar layout. With a dimension of 14 x 31 x 32 inches, it’s compact enough to fit under most counters, yet large enough to produce an impressive quantity of ice. The unit operates on a voltage of 115 volts, offering an efficient ice production process without adding a significant burden on your electricity bill.

The operational ease of this unit is an often highlighted feature. With no requirement for batteries, using and maintaining the Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD is a breeze. The unit comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years on parts and labor, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. The seamless blend of aesthetics, performance, and reliability sets the Hoshizaki AM50BAEAD apart, making it a desirable choice for those in search of the best undercounter ice maker with a drain pump.


  • High ice capacity of 100 pounds
  • Compact and undercounter installation
  • Efficient operation at 115 volts
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty


  • No batteries included for backup
  • Higher price tag compared to some competitors
Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ-AD 14 7/8' ADA Air-Cooled Undercounter Top Hat Cube...
18 Reviews
Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ-AD 14 7/8" ADA Air-Cooled Undercounter Top Hat Cube...
  • Up to 51 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours
  • Up to 22 lbs of built-in storage capacity (ft3)

7. Maxx Ice MIM50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain Pump

Crafting the perfect drink becomes a luxury when you have the Maxx Ice MIM50P Clear Ice Cube Maker at your fingertips. A masterpiece in ice-making, this machine combines functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your kitchen or bar isn’t just equipped with an appliance, but a stylish statement piece. With its ability to produce up to 65 pounds of ice per day, this undercounter ice maker ensures you’re well-prepared for any event.

Built with an advanced water quality sensor, the Maxx Ice MIM50P not only makes ice but ensures it’s of the highest quality. This machine is designed to detect hard water conditions and control the ice-making process to produce clear ice cubes every time. Its advanced technology, coupled with an efficient design, ensures that your electricity bills stay minimal while your ice supply remains abundant.

Offering a blend of innovation and elegance, the Maxx Ice MIM50P features a stainless steel exterior that is both durable and stylish. Its built-in, easy-to-use control panel makes operation a breeze, while its compact size fits seamlessly under any countertop. With an included drain pump, installation and maintenance become convenient tasks rather than dreaded chores.


  • Produces up to 65 pounds of ice per day
  • Advanced water quality sensor
  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish and durable stainless steel exterior
  • Built-in, easy-to-use control panel
  • Compact size
  • Includes a drain pump


  • May require frequent cleaning
  • Potential for noise during operation
Maxx Ice MIM50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain...
64 Reviews
Maxx Ice MIM50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain...
  • Note : Please check the dimension and item weight of the product and confirm it fits your...
  • LARGE ICE PRODUCTION AND STORAGE - Produces up to 65 pounds of clear restaurant quality...

8. DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Undercounter Ice Maker with Drain Pump

Introducing the DUURA DI50P, a premium undercounter ice maker that takes the sweat out of hosting parties or running a busy food service business. This formidable machine, with its impressive ice production capacity of 65 pounds per day, ensures you never have to face the embarrassment of running out of ice. So, whether you’re mixing cocktails for guests or need chilled drinks for your customers, the DUURA DI50P has got you covered.

The DUURA DI50P ice maker isn’t just about high performance, it’s also designed with utmost consideration for your convenience. This machine has a unique feature – an integrated drain pump, relieving you of the hassle of manual drainage. Further, its efficient water usage and energy-saving functions mean you can enjoy all the ice you need without worrying about your utility bills skyrocketing.

A fine combination of style and technology, the DUURA DI50P ice maker boasts a sleek, stainless steel exterior, seamlessly blending into any kitchen decor or professional space. Moreover, its compact design ensures it fits comfortably under most counters, thereby saving precious space. Thus, the DUURA DI50P is not just an appliance, but an integral part of your hospitality ensemble.


  • High ice production capacity of 65 pounds per day
  • Integrated drain pump for hassle-free drainage
  • Energy and water efficient
  • Sleek, stainless steel exterior
  • Compact design for space saving


  • Might be a bit noisy during operation
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance
DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain Pump...
118 Reviews
DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain Pump...
  • Note : Please check the dimension and item weight of the product and confirm it fits your...
  • LARGE ICE PRODUCTION AND STORAGE - Produces up to 65 pounds of clear restaurant quality...

9. MARVOWARE 80lbs/24H Built-In Ice Maker Machine

For a fusion of reliability and supreme performance, look no further than the MARVOWARE 80lbs/24H Built-in Ice Maker Machine. This formidable undercounter appliance is designed to produce a staggering 80 pounds of ice within 24 hours. This impressive output makes it a perfect choice for those large get-togethers or commercial spaces where a constant supply of ice is essential.

The MARVOWARE Ice Maker doesn’t just deliver on performance; it also excels in convenience. With an innovative clear ice cube mechanism, it provides uniformly sized and crystal-clear ice cubes – an element that adds a dash of elegance to your beverages. Its inbuilt automatic cleaning function makes maintenance a breeze, ensuring you have a consistently clean machine with minimum effort.

This 15-inch undercounter ice maker, with its sleek design, is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen or bar space. Not only does it fit comfortably beneath most counters, but it also complements the aesthetic of your space with its stainless-steel finish. The MARVOWARE Ice Maker is more than just an appliance; it is a testament to style, convenience, and exceptional functionality.


  • High ice production rate of 80lbs per 24 hours
  • Clear ice cube mechanism for elegant ice cubes
  • Inbuilt automatic cleaning function for easy maintenance
  • Sleek design with stainless steel finish
  • Space-saving undercounter fitting


  • May require professional installation
  • Might be relatively noisy during operation
MARVOWARE 80lbs/24H Built-in Ice Maker Machine, 15 Inch Undercounter...
4 Reviews
MARVOWARE 80lbs/24H Built-in Ice Maker Machine, 15 Inch Undercounter...
  • ❄ Large Capacity Fast Ice Making: Upgrade commercial ice maker features premium...
  • ❄ Flexible installation: Measures 15.0x20.3x34 in (including adjustable foot) and...

Key Features to Consider When Buying the Best Undercounter Ice Maker with Drain Pump

The kitchen and bar appliance market is flooded with a plethora of innovative products to choose from. From our research, we’ve identified some of the top devices you should consider. Delve into our guide on the Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers  and enhance your wine storage. For your ice needs, consider the Best Countertop Ice Makers that Keep Ice Frozen. If portability is your priority, check out the Best Portable Self-Cleaning Ice Makers, or explore Best Countertop Ice Makers with Water Line Connection if you’re looking for a continuous water supply.

Selecting the best undercounter ice maker with a drain pump can be a complex task. You need to factor in a variety of considerations that align with your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key features to consider during your decision-making process:

Ice Production Capacity

First and foremost, you should check how much ice the machine can produce within 24 hours. This varies significantly across different models. Depending on your usage needs, pick a model that aligns with your daily ice requirements.

Ice Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the ice maker is also crucial. A bigger bin means the machine can hold more ice at a given time. If you frequently host parties or gatherings, consider an ice maker with a larger storage capacity.

Drain Pump

Since we’re specifically discussing undercounter ice makers with drain pumps, the quality and reliability of the pump are paramount. Ensure the model you choose has a robust and efficient drain pump to avoid any water-logging issues.

Installation Process

Some ice makers require professional installation, while others might be easier to install by yourself. Consider this aspect, especially if you prefer a hassle-free setup.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the ice maker are critical, particularly if you have limited space. Ensure the unit fits perfectly in your available space.

Energy Efficiency

More energy-efficient models will save on utility costs in the long run. Look for Energy Star rated models, if possible.

Noise Level

Some ice makers can be quite noisy. If you value a quiet environment, look for models that promise low noise levels during operation.


The overall build quality and material used in the ice maker will affect its durability. Opt for models with sturdy construction and corrosion-resistant materials.

Ease of Use

Check if the machine has intuitive controls and settings. Some models also come with smart features like auto-cleaning or indicator lights for water and ice levels.

Warranty and Support

Finally, consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. Good customer support is also essential for solving any future issues.

Why is a drain pump necessary for an undercounter ice maker?

A drain pump in an undercounter ice maker is crucial to efficiently expel water that isn’t frozen during the ice-making process. This prevents the water from accumulating and potentially damaging the machine or flooding the area around it.

Can I install an undercounter ice maker myself?

The installation complexity varies from model to model. Some undercounter ice makers can be straightforward DIY installations, while others might require professional installation, especially those that involve plumbing for the drain pump. Always refer to the user manual or consult with the manufacturer.

How much energy does an undercounter ice maker with drain pump use?

The energy consumption of undercounter ice makers can significantly vary based on their size, capacity, and technology. Look for models with an Energy Star rating for better energy efficiency.

How often should I clean my undercounter ice maker?

Ideally, you should clean your undercounter ice maker every 3-6 months to maintain its performance and hygiene. However, the frequency might increase depending on your usage and the quality of your water supply.

Do undercounter ice makers with drain pumps need a water line?

Yes, most undercounter ice makers need to be connected to a water line for continuous ice production. However, there are also some portable models that you can fill manually. Always check the product specifications before purchasing.


After a comprehensive analysis of the leading undercounter ice makers with drain pumps, the winner that stands apart is undoubtedly the EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker. Its exceptional fusion of style, functionality, and advanced technology truly sets it apart from its competitors. Designed to cater to a range of customer requirements, this ice maker ensures a seamless and efficient operation.

From its unmatched ice production capacity to its energy-efficient design, the EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker earns its place at the forefront. This ice machine not only ensures you never run out of ice, but also adds a touch of class to your space, making it the clear winner in our comparison of undercounter ice makers with drain pumps. For anyone seeking a blend of performance and aesthetics, the EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker is an investment that will keep you chilling for years to come.

EdgeStar IB250SS 15 Inch Wide 20 Lb. Built-in Ice Maker with 25 Lbs....
545 Reviews
EdgeStar IB250SS 15 Inch Wide 20 Lb. Built-in Ice Maker with 25 Lbs....
  • 25 lbs. daily ice production; 20 lbs. ice storage capacity; Crescent-shaped ice provides...
  • This unit also operates as a freezer and will keep your ice frozen; No drain line required

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