Which Has Better Extras: Cuisinart ICE 70 Vs ICE 60?

Cuisinart ice-70 and 60

Hello there, this is Marry John! Today, I bring you a side-by-side comparison of two exceptional kitchen appliances that I’ve had the pleasure of using – the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 ice cream makers. If you’re someone who loves creating your own frozen delights, these machines are a dream come true! But the question remains – between the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60, which reigns supreme?

Having personally tested both, I’m thrilled to share my findings on the differences between the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60, from their unique features to their performance. Having also compared the Cuisinart ICE-21 Vs ICE-30 with the likes of the Ninja nc501 Vs nc301 and the Lello 4080 Vs 5030 in previous articles, I can confidently say that each brings something distinct to the table.

Dive into this detailed comparison of the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60, and make an informed decision on the best ice cream maker to satiate your sweet tooth. Trust me, the joy of home-made ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet is just a few scoops away!

FeaturesCuisinart ICE-70Cuisinart ICE-60
ColorIce Cream Maker with Countdown TimerIce Cream Maker without Countdown Timer
Capacity2 Quarts2 Quarts
Control Panel/ SettingsLCD screen, 3 settings with multiple speeds, countdown timer with auto shutoffControl panel with 3 settings with multiple speeds
MaterialBrushed ChromePlastic
Ingredient Spout FeatureIntegrated measuring cupIntegrated measuring cup
Dimensions (LxWxH)9.74 x 8.62 x 13.22 inches10.38 x 12.13 x 17 inches
Item Weight13.5 Pounds14 Pounds
Operation ModeAutomaticAutomatic
Product Care InstructionsHand WashHand Wash
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Deciphering the Differences: Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 Ice Cream Makers

The main difference between the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 is their user interfaces and construction material. The ICE-70 boasts an advanced interface with a countdown timer, a feature absent in the ICE-60, and is made of brushed chrome. The ICE-60, on the other hand, offers a simple control panel with multiple speeds and is crafted from durable plastic.

Now, let’s delve into these differences in more detail:

Control Panel and Timer Functionality

The Cuisinart ICE-70 features an LCD screen, three settings with multiple speeds, and a countdown timer with auto shutoff, providing a user-friendly experience. This allows you to precisely manage the time and speed for creating your frozen treat.

On the other hand, the Cuisinart ICE-60 is designed with a control panel that offers three settings with multiple speeds but lacks the countdown timer. This means you’ll need to manually keep track of your dessert-making process.

Material and Construction

The Cuisinart ICE-70 is made of brushed chrome, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that easily blends with other kitchen appliances. Moreover, its construction adds to its robustness, extending the product’s lifespan.

In contrast, the Cuisinart ICE-60 is made of plastic. While this may not provide the same luxe feel as the ICE-70, it ensures a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective solution for your home-made frozen treat needs.

Integrated Measuring Cup

Both the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 feature an ingredient spout with an integrated measuring cup. However, the ICE-60’s emphasis on this feature suggests it may be a more integral part of its design. This could make the ICE-60 slightly more suitable for those who value precise measurement in their dessert creation.

Price Point

When comparing the Cuisinart ICE-70 Vs ICE-60, it’s crucial to consider their price points. The ICE-70 comes at a slightly higher price tag than the ICE-60, which could be due to its advanced features and brushed chrome material.

In conclusion, the decision between the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 largely depends on your specific needs and budget. Both models have their strengths and can deliver delicious ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or frozen yogurt right in the comfort of your own home. The key is to identify which features align best with your preferences and how much you’re willing to spend. Rest assured, whichever you choose, you can expect nothing less than quality from Cuisinart’s line of ice cream makers.

Cuisinart ICE-60WP1 ice cream maker


  • Control panel with three settings and multiple speeds offers straightforward operation.
  • Its plastic construction ensures durability while keeping the appliance lightweight.
  • More cost-effective than the ICE-70.
  • Emphasizes an integrated measuring cup in the ingredient spout for accurate measurements.


  • Lacks an LCD screen and countdown timer, making you manually track the dessert-making process.
  • Plastic construction may not have the same premium feel as the brushed chrome ICE-70.

Cuisinart ICE-60WP1 2-Quart Cool Creations Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt,...
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Cuisinart ICE-60WP1 2-Quart Cool Creations Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt,...
  • 2-quart capacity
  • Improved paddle with faster processing time

Cuisinart ICE-70P1 Ice Cream Maker


  • An LCD screen with three settings and multiple speeds for precise control over your dessert creation process.
  • Comes with a countdown timer and auto shutoff feature, adding an extra layer of convenience.
  • Its brushed chrome construction offers a sleek, modern aesthetic and extended durability.
  • Includes an ingredient spout with an integrated measuring cup for precision.


  • More expensive than the ICE-60.
  • Brushed chrome construction makes it slightly heavier than the ICE-60.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Machine, 2 Quart, Cool Creations Frozen...
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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Machine, 2 Quart, Cool Creations Frozen...
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  • CAPACITY: Makes 2-quarts of your favorite ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet

In Conclusion – Which Has Better Extras?

Comparing the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60, it’s clear that both ice cream makers have their unique strengths and weaknesses. The ICE-70 shines with its advanced LCD screen, countdown timer, and brushed chrome material, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking extra convenience and a modern aesthetic.

On the other hand, the ICE-60, with its simple control panel, durable plastic construction, and added emphasis on the integrated measuring cup, is perfect for those who prefer an easy-to-use, lightweight, and budget-friendly option.

In terms of extras, the Cuisinart ICE-70 takes the lead with its countdown timer and sleek, sturdy material. However, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preferences, needs, and budget. Both the Cuisinart ICE-70 and ICE-60 offer excellent value, promising to turn your kitchen into a delightful dessert factory!

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