5 Best Double Oven Microwave Combos 2024: A Detailed Review and Buying Guide

In the world of modern culinary appliances, nothing quite packs the combination of power, versatility, and convenience like a double oven microwave combo. As a veritable swiss army knife of the kitchen, these appliances provide an array of cooking functions all in one compact unit. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, a busy professional, or a passionate home cook, the allure of this all-encompassing gadget is hard to ignore.

The key selling point of a double oven microwave combo is its dual functionality. On one hand, you have the microwave, a time-saving wonder that has revolutionized the way we prepare meals. With the ability to heat food quickly and efficiently, microwaves are perfect for those moments when you need a quick snack or want to defrost frozen ingredients in a flash. On the other hand, you have the double oven feature, which brings the traditional method of cooking to your countertop. Whether it’s baking a delectable cake, roasting a succulent chicken, or broiling a piece of fish to perfection, a double oven adds a layer of versatility that a standalone microwave can’t offer.

However, the real magic of a double oven microwave combo lies in the way it marries these two functionalities. By offering the quick and convenient heating of a microwave and the thorough and diverse cooking methods of a double oven, these appliances truly offer the best of both worlds. This integration not only saves you the precious kitchen counter space but also makes your cooking process more streamlined and efficient.

But, with such a wide variety of models available in the market, each boasting unique features and specifications, how do you pick the best double oven microwave combo for your needs? This is where our extensive research and expertise come into play. From evaluating countless customer reviews to diving deep into product specifications, we have done the hard work for you. Whether you’re looking for a unit with the most advanced features or one that offers the best value for money, our comprehensive guide and reviews will help you make the right choice.

Our evaluations take into account several key features that define the performance and usability of a double oven microwave combo. These include the type of cooking modes available, the power rating of the microwave, the capacity of the oven, the availability of convection cooking, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the overall design and build quality. We also consider additional features such as smart controls, energy efficiency, safety features, and warranty coverage.

As we delve into this comprehensive guide, we will review some of the top double oven microwave combos currently on the market. Each of these products has been thoroughly examined and rated on their features, performance, and customer feedback. By the end of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of what makes a great double oven microwave combo, enabling you to make an informed purchase decision.

No matter if you are redesigning your kitchen, upgrading your existing appliances, or simply curious about the latest in culinary technology, this guide is crafted with you in mind. So, let’s embark on this culinary journey together, exploring the world of double oven microwave combos, and discover the perfect appliance that suits your needs and satisfies your culinary aspirations.

Best double oven microwave combo

Comprehensive Analysis of the Best Double Oven Microwave Combos

As we dive into our comprehensive analysis of the best double oven microwave combos, we have carefully selected five top-rated models that stand out in the market today. These models are the GE JKD3000SNSS, ZLINE’s 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven, COSMO COS-30EDWC, LG LWC3063BD, and the Frigidaire FFET3026TS. These products have been selected based on a variety of factors such as cooking modes, self-cleaning capabilities, oven capacity, smart control features, and user reviews. Each model has its unique strengths that cater to different cooking styles and kitchen requirements, offering a blend of functionality, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

1. GE JKD3000SNSS 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven – A Definitive Review

In the competitive sphere of kitchen appliances, the best double oven microwave combo isn’t simply a novelty but a game-changer. Let’s shine a spotlight on one such transformative appliance, the GE JKD3000SNSS 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven, and delve into its outstanding features.

In the league of the best double oven microwave combos, the GE JKD3000SNSS 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven holds a distinct place. A creation of GE Appliances, a brand synonymous with trusted home appliances, this stainless steel oven combines function with style. Its convection cooking mode and electric fuel type make it a versatile addition to any contemporary kitchen.

One notable feature of the GE JKD3000SNSS is its convenience. The self-clean with optional steam clean feature allows you to choose between a thorough cleaning process or a quicker steam clean, both contributing to a simplified maintenance process. The oven also comes equipped with never-scrub heavy-duty racks designed to withstand a self-clean cycle, freeing you from time-consuming scrubbing tasks.

Technology integration further enhances the utility of this double wall oven. Its smart capabilities include remote notifications and preheating control via the SmartHQ App. This feature provides the flexibility to monitor and control the oven from anywhere, adding a modern edge to traditional cooking practices.

One more facet that sets this oven apart is the ‘Fit Guarantee’ offered by GE. In the event that this oven doesn’t fit your existing wall oven space, GE guarantees a contribution towards modifications, a feature which eases the transition from your old appliance to this new, innovative one.


  • With convection capabilities, the oven allows for a variety of cooking methods.
  • The self-clean and optional steam clean feature simplifies maintenance.
  • Remote notifications and control via the SmartHQ App provide added convenience.
  •  GE’s promise to contribute towards modifications if the oven doesn’t fit, easing your transition to a new appliance.


  •  Designed to fit above a warming drawer, this could limit placement options in some kitchens.

2. COSMO COS-30EDWC 30 in. Electric Double Wall Oven – An In-Depth Review

Diving into the world of the best double oven microwave combos, we come across the standout COSMO COS-30EDWC 30 in. Electric Double Wall Oven. This appliance, designed with the modern homeowner in mind, combines the best of design, functionality, and technology. Let’s explore what makes it one of the best in its class.

The COSMO COS-30EDWC emerges as a powerhouse in the category of the best double oven microwave combos. Brought to you by the trusted COSMO brand, this stainless steel beauty adds an air of sophistication to your kitchen while offering a wide array of features. The oven operates on the convection cooking mode and is powered by electricity, thus ensuring versatile cooking options.

A notable highlight of the COSMO COS-30EDWC is its Turbo True European Convection feature in the top oven. This design promotes even cooking and energy efficiency. The bottom oven, while providing standard baking features, ensures you can multitask in your kitchen, preparing several dishes simultaneously.

This double wall oven takes user convenience to another level with its automatic self-cleaning feature. This system uses high temperatures to effectively clean spills, soil, and soot, leaving you more time to enjoy the culinary process rather than worry about the clean-up. The hidden bake element further simplifies cleaning, enabling you to easily wipe clean the oven floor.

The COSMO COS-30EDWC also prioritizes safety. Its oven cavity cooling ventilation system ensures safe heat dissipation, and the cool-to-touch oven handle protects users from potential burns. Coupled with a 1-year limited warranty, COSMO delivers a product that is not just functional and beautiful, but also safe and reliable.


  • With the Turbo True European Convection in the top oven and Standard Bake in the bottom oven, this appliance offers varied cooking methods.
  • The automatic self-cleaning feature and hidden bake element ease the cleaning process.
  • The oven cavity cooling ventilation system and cool-to-touch handle provide safety measures to protect users.
  • COSMO’s customer support and warranty assurance add a layer of reliability to this oven.


  • Weighing in at 237 pounds, the oven may require professional installation.
COSMO COS-30EDWC 30 in. Electric Double Wall Oven with 5 cu. ft....
34 Reviews
COSMO COS-30EDWC 30 in. Electric Double Wall Oven with 5 cu. ft....
  • TURBO TRUE EUROPEAN CONVECTION: Designed to cook food more evenly in less time and at a...
  • 7 OVEN FUNCTIONS: The top oven includes 7 oven functions: Bake, Broil, Warm, Proof,...

3. LG LWC3063BD 30 Black Stainless Convection Double Wall Oven – A Comprehensive Review

In the landscape of the best double oven microwave combos, LG LWC3063BD 30 Black Stainless Convection Double Wall Oven makes its mark with a blend of aesthetic appeal, power, and functionality. This appliance, emanating LG’s brand reliability, indeed promises an elevated cooking experience.

The LG LWC3063BD 30 Black Stainless Convection Double Wall Oven, a highly-rated option in the best double oven microwave combos, proudly showcases its black stainless steel finish. This not only contributes to its sleek, modern aesthetic but also promises durability, providing users with a robust, long-lasting appliance.

What sets the LG LWC3063BD 30 apart is its convection cooking mode, powered by electricity. The convection system ensures even heat distribution, providing consistent cooking results, regardless of whether you’re baking a cake or roasting a turkey. This feature alone lifts this oven into the category of the best double oven microwave combos.

Another standout feature is the double wall design of the LG LWC3063BD 30. With its impressive 4.7 cubic feet capacity, this oven provides ample space to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, effectively catering to large families or those who frequently entertain guests. This smart design proves LG’s commitment to providing practical and effective kitchen solutions.

Moreover, the LG LWC3063BD 30 boasts easy installation with its wall mount feature. This design not only saves valuable kitchen counter space but also enhances the overall kitchen decor, seamlessly blending with other appliances. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence is clear in this offering.


  • The black stainless steel finish adds a modern touch to any kitchen.
  • The convection cooking mode ensures even heat distribution for consistent results.
  • The 4.7 cubic feet capacity allows simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes.
  • The wall mount feature saves counter space and enhances kitchen decor.


  • Weighing 18.93 pounds, it may require professional installation.

4. Frigidaire FFET3026TS 30 Inch 9.2 cu. ft. Total Capacity Electric Double Wall Oven – Detailed Review

A significant player in the realm of the best double oven microwave combos is the Frigidaire FFET3026TS 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven. This impressive appliance boasts superior capacity and efficient functionality, truly embodying the essence of the Frigidaire brand.

The FFET3026TS 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven, offered by Frigidaire, showcases its stainless-steel finish, enhancing its appeal and durability. The quality construction of this oven illustrates Frigidaire’s unwavering commitment to providing reliable appliances that guarantee longevity.

The FFET3026TS stands out due to its considerable 9.2 cu. ft. total capacity. This substantial space allows you to cook multiple dishes concurrently, a feature that places it among the best double oven microwave combos. Whether for a small family or a large gathering, this oven delivers efficient performance.

Another noteworthy attribute of the FFET3026TS is its electric cooking mode. This oven provides even, consistent heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked meals every time. This attribute, combined with the self-cleaning feature, enhances the oven’s convenience, promising a hassle-free cooking experience.

Lastly, Frigidaire’s FFET3026TS is characterized by its built-in installation type. This feature maximizes your kitchen space, seamlessly integrating the oven into your cabinetry for a clean, streamlined look. This product showcases Frigidaire’s dedication to delivering appliances that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


  • With a 9.2 cu. ft. total capacity, this oven can handle multiple dishes simultaneously.
  • The self-cleaning mode makes maintaining the oven’s cleanliness an effortless task.
  • The stainless-steel finish imparts a sleek, modern look to the oven.
  • The built-in installation type contributes to a clutter-free kitchen.


  • As an electric oven, it may have higher energy consumption compared to gas ovens.
  • No Convection Mode

5. ZLINE 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven

The world of kitchen appliances is brimming with endless possibilities. Among these, the best double oven microwave combo stands out as a revolutionary innovation, capable of enhancing kitchen functionality and culinary creativity. Let’s focus on a remarkable model that’s been earning accolades – the ZLINE 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven.

Designed with a profound understanding of the needs of modern home cooks, the ZLINE 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven in Black Stainless Steel is not just an appliance—it’s a culinary powerhouse. One of the best double oven microwave combos, this model offers a range of features that empower you to expand your cooking capabilities. From professional convection cooking modes like Convection Bake, Convection Roast, and Convection Broil to Proof Mode, this double oven is all about culinary versatility.

Each feature of this appliance is carefully crafted to deliver superior performance. The lower oven is equipped with Standard Bake, Broil, and Warming Mode, perfectly complementing the convection options of the upper oven. This means you can simultaneously cook multiple dishes at different settings, a feature much appreciated during busy holiday seasons or weekend baking sprees.

One element that truly sets the ZLINE 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven apart is its built-in design that offers a seamless, finished look to your kitchen. With this model, functionality meets aesthetics, lending an elegant, professional touch to your cooking space. This design also helps optimize space, ensuring that your kitchen remains clutter-free and organized.

While the capacity to cook multiple dishes is a key feature of the best double oven microwave combo, ensuring each dish is cooked to perfection is equally important. This is where the ZLINE’s temperature probe feature shines. By accurately monitoring the internal temperature of your dishes, this feature eliminates guesswork, ensuring every culinary creation reaches the desired doneness.


  • Offers a multitude of cooking modes to cater to varied culinary requirements.
  • Built-in design offers a seamless, finished look, adding a professional touch to your kitchen.
  • The temperature probe feature ensures perfect cooking results every time.
  • The double oven allows for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, saving time and energy.


  • As a professional-grade appliance, it comes at a higher price point.
  • With multiple features and modes, it may require some time to master its operation.
ZLINE 30' Professional Double Wall Oven with Self Clean and True...
1 Reviews
ZLINE 30" Professional Double Wall Oven with Self Clean and True...
  • Professional Convection Cooking with multiple modes on the upper oven including:...
  • Lower Oven is equipped with Standard Bake, Broil, and Warming Mode

Top Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Double Oven Microwave Combo

Choosing the best double oven microwave combo is an investment in your kitchen’s functionality. It streamlines your cooking process and adds aesthetic appeal. Here are some crucial features to consider when making your selection:

Cooking Modes

The variety of cooking modes offered by a double oven microwave combo is a crucial factor. Look for units that provide modes like convection baking, convection roasting, broiling, and proofing. These modes offer versatility, allowing you to cook a wide range of dishes.


Capacity is another significant aspect. A higher capacity means you can cook more dishes simultaneously, making it ideal for large families or frequent entertainers. Units like the Frigidaire FFET3026TS with a total capacity of 9.2 cu. ft. are an excellent choice.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning an oven can be a tedious task. That’s why it’s vital to select a model with a self-cleaning feature. This function burns off residue at high temperatures, allowing you to wipe it away easily.

Quality of Construction

The durability of your oven depends on its construction quality. Opt for stainless steel finishes that are not only stylish but also corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.


Consider the installation type that best suits your kitchen layout. Built-in or wall-mounted types can save considerable floor space, providing a seamless look.

Energy Efficiency

While most double oven microwave combos are electric, their energy consumption may vary. Choosing an energy-efficient model will help reduce your power bill and minimize environmental impact.

Smart Features

Modern double oven microwave combos often come with smart features. These can include remote monitoring via a smartphone app or compatibility with virtual assistants for voice commands. Such features can bring a new level of convenience to your cooking.


What is a double oven microwave combo?

A double oven microwave combo is a kitchen appliance that combines the functionality of a microwave and a double oven in one unit. This combo not only saves space in your kitchen but also provides you with the convenience of having two distinct cooking methods available in the same unit.

Why should I consider a double oven microwave combo?

A double oven microwave combo is an excellent choice for those who need the flexibility of two ovens and a microwave but are constrained by space. It’s perfect for those who love to cook different dishes simultaneously or have large families. Moreover, having a microwave and double oven in the same unit can bring consistency to your kitchen décor.

Are double oven microwave combos energy efficient?

Most of the modern double oven microwave combos are designed to be energy-efficient. Models like the GE JKD3000SNSS 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven or ZLINE 30″ Professional Double Wall Oven prioritize energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Always check the product’s energy rating or energy consumption details before purchase.

How do I maintain and clean my double oven microwave combo?

Maintenance will depend on the specific model and features it has. Some models come with self-cleaning features which use high temperature to burn off residues, making cleaning a breeze. For models without this feature, it’s best to regularly clean your oven after use with mild soap and warm water to avoid build-up of food particles and grease.

What should I consider when buying a double oven microwave combo?

When buying a double oven microwave combo, consider its size, capacity, cooking modes, energy efficiency, ease of use, installation requirements, and, of course, your budget. Also, check for extra features like self-cleaning, smart controls, convection cooking modes, and warranties for a hassle-free cooking experience.

Are double oven microwave combos easy to install?

Installation will depend on the specific model and its requirements. Some models are designed for easy installation, while others may require professional installation. Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guide and consult with a professional if in doubt.

Can I replace one part of the double oven microwave combo, like the microwave or one of the ovens?

In most cases, the parts of a double oven microwave combo are integrated, meaning you can’t replace just one part without replacing the whole unit. However, some models may allow for repairs of individual components. Always refer to your product’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for accurate information.


With a clear understanding of the top features to consider when selecting the best double oven microwave combo, it’s time to announce the standout model. Taking into account the extensive reviews and comparisons, the GE JKD3000SNSS 27 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven stands tall as the clear winner in the market.

The GE JKD3000SNSS model excels in both functionality and design. Its stainless-steel finish adds an elegant touch to your kitchen while ensuring durability. It features diverse cooking modes including convection, which delivers consistent heat distribution for evenly cooked meals. With the Fit Guarantee offered by GE, you can rest assured of an exact fit when replacing your previous oven. In terms of convenience, the heavy-duty racks that resist staining and the self-clean feature with an optional Steam Clean make this oven a dream to maintain. Moreover, its smart technology allows you to preheat and monitor the oven from anywhere using the SmartHQ app, ensuring that you never miss a cooking beat.

When it comes to capacity, the model comfortably caters to your cooking needs, offering enough space for multiple dishes. Even more, its energy efficiency, eco-friendly features, and excellent safety standards put it a notch above the rest.

Choosing the best double oven microwave combo is more than just buying an appliance; it’s about enhancing your culinary experience, and the GE JKD3000SNSS does just that. It amalgamates style, convenience, and advanced technology, redefining your kitchen and your cooking. Your next gourmet dish is just a preheat away with the GE JKD3000SNSS double wall oven.

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